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Toy Day Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide [Santa’s Outfit + EVENT GUIDE]

Christmas Eve is coming up in Anima Crossing… which means Jingle’s coming to town!

UPDATE — We have the complete walkthrough now!

1. You need 13 Red Ornaments, 13 Blue Ornaments, and 13 Yellow Ornaments. You need 3 R, 3B, 3 Y for Jingle’s DIY for Toy Day. THEN you make 10 Toy Day Wrapping Paper DIY and wrap 10 personal gift for your villagers (You’ll give them later)

Wrapping Paper DIY
Giving Personal gifts to Villagers

2. Talk to Jingle and he’ll give you the DIY. Make 3 Wrapping Papers for him and then he’ll give you his magic bag + Stockings (YOU WILL NEED THIS FOR HIS PHOTO)

Festive Wrapping Paper
Giving Gifts for Jingle

3. Give gifts to everyone (Doesn’t matter). When all of your villagers gets gifts Jingle will give you DIY for Gift Box Present Furniture and his Sleigh

Jingle’s Sleigh
Gift from Villagers

4. Give your Villagers your personal gifts (Not from Jingle)(The 10 Wrapped gifts you made earlier) and you will receive Toys of different styles.

How to get Jingle’s Photo

5. Hang those stockings Jingle gave you (On Dec. 24), and on Dec. 25 you will get his photo!

Happy Holidays!

Everything else in this blog is just extra info Pre-Toy Day preparation.

Full Video Guide for Toy Day

So here is the quick guide to Toy Day, and what you need to prepare for it.

Santa Outfit [Hat, Pants, Coat, Beard]
  • You do not need the Santa Suit. It’s just aesthetics
This has nothing to do with the gift… is there even a hula hoop in animal crossing?
  • You do not need to talk to villagers to know their gifts. Jingle will give you a bag, and you give out the bag to all the villagers [Random]
    (I will update if this is not true, but no villagers have told me any gift preferences, Del’s quote is weird… there are no hula hoops in animal crossing)
  • You do need 3 Ornaments (Blue, Red, Gold) to start the event at 6pm so make sure you have Cedar trees planted to shake them down for some ornaments
Jingle Asking for Wrapping Paper
  • Once you meet Jingle you will receive the DIY for Gift Wrapping Paper, and then he will give you the magical bag
Festive Wrapping Paper
  • Give the gifts to villagers
Give Gifts to Villagers
  • Once complete Jingle will give you a DIY and his Toy Day Sleigh
Toy Day Sleigh

How to complete Santa’s Outfit

Go to the Abel Sister’s Store during Dec 1–23 and some days they will have 1–2 Santa clothing available, and about 2–3 times during the month all 4 are available at once

Santa Outfit at Abel
  • Santa Coat
  • Santa Pants
  • Santa Hat
  • Santa Bear
Kicks will not spawn Santa’s Boots — unknown if its in the game
  • Santa Boots (Unknown if it’s in the game) — My friends have looked in the data and confirmed they are in the game, but I have yet to see it after 50 Reset tries with Kicks (Time Travel the day before Kick’s day and travel back and forth to change his store inventory)
    Will update when information is confirmed

That’s it… not much. It’s a cute update but a LOT TAMER than the past animal crossing Games

Watch my rant in the link below if you want to see how Toy Day works!

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