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How I Screwed up my First Live Stream (Top 5 Mistakes)

How I Screwed up my First Live Stream (Top 5 Mistakes)

There are over Millions of Live Streamers around the world… And a lot of streamers ended up having only 10–20 viewers max… or less… sometimes 5… sometimes 1… some times none. And that’s alright. Not everyone can be a star, and I learned the hard way about what a Live Stream should be, not the end result but what the moment is all about.

Youtube — How I screwed up my First Live Stream

I. Where to Stream

I’ve been asked this questions Several times and there are 3 Major Streaming Platform for Gaming/ IRL chats

  1. Twitch: Medium SEO (Viewers find you based on the game specifically), but has one of the best consistent viewers because Twitch runs its algorithm on subscription/game preference than on recommended videos like Youtube
  2. Facebook: The Lowest SEO (Viewers need to know where you to find you), but has a better understanding of their viewers due to Facebook Algorithm (NOTE: As less people use Facebook, the demographic age increases over time, so anyone under 25 would less likely use Facebook to watch) [BIG NOTE: Facebook owns instagram, so technically you can stream on Instagram too, not the best UX, but again that’s where the younger demographic are]
  3. Online University Classes [This is a sad joke… because its more expensive than all 3 other options… and it’s technically a stream…]

II. Common Mistakes for Streaming

If you watch the Video there are 5 Common Mistakes I’ve experiences, most streamers experience as well

Top 5 Mistakes for Live Streamers
Technical Mistakes during Live Streams
  • Do you have viewers/friends who like to say hi to you on a consistent basis?
  • Do you enjoy taking your time instead of rushing in a game?
  • Do you have good lighting?
Focusing on enjoying the game with viewers
Taking Breaks
Interviewing Players

III. Why you Should Stream

Now you’re probably saying, well… I don’t have 1000 followers, I want to give up. And that’s no shame… it’s hard to get viewers, especially if your goal is to be famous. You may be an amazing gamer, or a fun personality… but if you can’t connect with the right community, they won’t support you. That’s why finding a good community, and enjoying your streams as if you are making good memories for yourself will help connect you to these communities.

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