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Nintendo just released their Dream Island for the public to see from March 10 to March 24 and they designed it based off of the brand new Mario Items.

You can see the full island tour here, but if you to experience yourself, or just see screen shots, here is the code below:

Dream Code: DA-6382–1459–4417

LEVEL 1 Overworld:

Simple layout with some water areas to remind you of the first level of Mario

With Pokémon UNITE Available for Canadians for a limited amount of time, I had the change to BETA test the game and found alot of useful tips to help prepare yourself when the game is released Worldwide in the near future.

For now the Video Above is a Quick Guide will explain in 10 minutes how to Play Pokémon UNITE, what to invest in, and how to play effectively so you can Rank higher in competitive play during the BETA and Public Launch. If you don’t have 10 minutes, here is your quick Cheat Sheet below…

How I Screwed up my First Live Stream (Top 5 Mistakes)

There are over Millions of Live Streamers around the world… And a lot of streamers ended up having only 10–20 viewers max… or less… sometimes 5… sometimes 1… some times none. And that’s alright. Not everyone can be a star, and I learned the hard way about what a Live Stream should be, not the end result but what the moment is all about.

If you would like to see the Full Experience about my First Major Live Stream and how I f*cked up, the video is above, and if…

Christmas Eve is coming up in Anima Crossing… which means Jingle’s coming to town!

UPDATE — We have the complete walkthrough now!

1. You need 13 Red Ornaments, 13 Blue Ornaments, and 13 Yellow Ornaments. You need 3 R, 3B, 3 Y for Jingle’s DIY for Toy Day. THEN you make 10 Toy Day Wrapping Paper DIY and wrap 10 personal gift for your villagers (You’ll give them later)

I know people were struggling a bit so here is a quick snap guide

You can also watch the Stream Time stamps to help with location identification and seeing my struggle


Galarian Zapdos — Go to East Lake Axewell and chase after him

Here are the most important things to be prepared for Animal Crossing New Horizon’s Latest Update for Halloween.

You can watch our full Live Stream (With Time Codes), but if you want the quick snips I have it below!

  1. Candy
    You are only allowed 1 Candy to purchase a Day. If you are playing normal, buy 1 Candy Each Day to get 31 Candies. If your Time Travel I would recommend 10 Candies to make your life easier, but on Halloween your villager will give you 3 Free ones to start if you have none, and the Candy Spawn Rates…

New Multi-Player Games on Animal Crossing [You Can Play Today]

Animal Crossing is one of the most creative games every to come out in 2020. However one big missed opportunity would be the interactions with players online. The online multiplayer aspect of visiting your friends islands is amazing… at first… but then you realize… is that it?

Over hundreds of Youtubers and Twitch Streamers have been looking for new ways to give Animal Crossing a multiplayer vibe… because it’s missing those mini games or challenges in the game.

The latest update is here for summer, and here are our tips and tricks to get everything you need

  1. Get your Wetsuit from Nook
  2. Go to a shore and press A while wearing the Wetsuit
  3. Congrats you can swim. Now you can learn more advanced guide to swimming (how to catch every creature with ease and identify them quickly to save time) with our video below. This video was created with the assistance of over 10+ users building the brand new Critterpedia together. [every single stat and visual of the creature so its easier for you to recognize]


It’s been a long mystery, but after doing the TikTok Challenge (Making 4 High Quality Videos, everyday for 7 days), we found out how the TikTok Algorithm works. …

This is the in-game mechanical way of removing your most annoying villagers in #AnimalCrossing New Horizons, and it’s all about #RickAndMorty’s Mr.MeeSeeks.

You can watch the full in-depth look how the in-game mechanics of Animal Crossing works for Villagers Happiness in-relation to moving out, but if you don’t have time here is a quick guide to kicking out/moving out villagers from your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Villagers you ignore, hit, or isolate will not leave your island. The reason behind this is because they are trying to hit their Best Friend Status…

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